Wednesday, September 19, 2007

iPhone vs iPod Touch

With apple’s iPhones and iPod touches blowing up, the biggest question is, which one’s for me? When the iPod touch came out, everyone thought its just the iPhone, without the phone…Well there's more to the story.

Recently the list of differences from these two have been growing and growing. You see there is youtube, and mobile safari, but the iPod touch only works where your laptop works. That could easily be a problem for the pesky high maintence buyers. Then again your iPhone can compatible to just about anywhere. One of the applications I really was looking forward to was a camera on an iPod. Unfortunately they got rid of that as well. No note applications or the cool Google applications. This sucks!

Its interesting to bock on such an exciting piece of technology but when you look back there’s absolutely no comparison to the iPod touch to the classic let alone the video. I’ve heard from many it’s a great buy and only to get better.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Anatomy of an iPod Touch

These pictures make break a couple hearts, but it's very interesting to see inside of the newest apple hype.
diesction of the iPod Touch

This made me really just want to get my own ipod touch. So now i've started my own fund! Soon to be up and running. :)

Here's the link for more pictures!